News About Currency and FX

Made in America: When Importing Is Necessary

August 8, 2013 NBR

“For some small businesses, it’s difficult to find items made in the U.S. So to keep their companies growing, they have to import the goods. As Courtney Reagan reports as part of NBR’s series “Made in America,” importing can be good for the economy and jobs.”   [source]

Too small to fail: The partnership-driven nature of fintech startups

May 22, 2013 PandoDaily

“... For the most part, it is an established financial institution or similar entity that enables a startup to provide any of its new, cutting-edge services. The relationship between the “disruptors” and the “disrupted” is symbiotic...”   [Read article]

More Than Any Other Industry, FinTech Needs Accelerators

July 18, 2012 PandoDaily

“...Startups in the finance industry face a set of challenges so unique that, without help from accelerator, they have no real chance of survival. Finance startups need accelerators because of their mentors -they need someone to teach them to sell to the legacy industry they’re disrupting...”   [Read article]

Looking Overseas, Businesses Learn to Master Currency Exchange

Oct 22, 2012 New York Times

“As soon as we commit to a price, we are heavily exposed if we don’t know what our costs will be,” Mr. Tennant said. “It can totally kill a company like ours.” He quickly canceled the contract and found another supplier that agreed to a firm quote.   [Read article]

9 Boston financial tech startups I'm watching

Feb 2, 2013 Boston Business Journal

“Boston is known as the home of financial services titans such as Fidelity, State Street and Putnam Investments. What's less known — at least for now — are the novel technologies around financial services and banking offered by some of Boston's venture-backed startups...”   [Read article]

Small Importers, Travel Firms Take to Hedging

Dec 5, 2012 Wall Street Journal

“When Henry Sidel founded his New York-based sake importing company in 2005, $1,000 bought him 125 bottles of sake from Japan. The same sum now buys just 77 bottles...”   [Read article]

Currency Winds Hit Home

Dec 4, 2012 Wall Street Journal

“Unfavorable foreign-exchange rates are marring the results of more big U.S. companies, as their expanding operations abroad expose them to the swings of a growing number of currencies beyond the euro and British pound...”   [Read article]

In London, Nimble Start-Ups Offer Alternatives to Stodgy Banks

Oct 22, 2012 New York Times DealBook

“London’s fast-growing start-up scene is trying to disrupt the financial status quo. As consumers’ trust in banks deteriorates because of a series of recent scandals, young companies are pressing their newcomer advantage. Firms are offering services like low-cost foreign currency exchange and new ways for small business to borrow cash...”   [Read article]

Export Finance - Easier & Cheaper Than You Probably Assume

Sep 24, 2012 Consilium Global Business Advisors

“I'm always amazed at the prevalence of misconceptions regarding issues of foreign exchange (FX) among American companies considering - and even active in - export markets....”   [Read article]