About PeopleHedge

PeopleHedge was created to shine a light on the underbelly of foreign exchange. The current model simply does not and probably never will serve small businesses and individuals in a fair way. While large corporations benefit from wholesale rates, everyone else is charged up to 10% to conduct the same transaction. We believe that everyone should have access to the same rates so we provide a flat rate of 1%.

About The Team

Damon Magnuski

As a field engineer Damon has felt the woes of foreign exchange risk first-hand, both on the personal and project level. With no outlets to hedge exchange risk while traveling worldwide his salary and expenses were subject to the whims of volatile FOREX markets. After switching careers to work in open pit options trading in Chicago, he learned the techniques used to mitigate risk from professional traders.

Now based in Boston, he decided to tackle this problem directly, using modern web technologies and patent-pending methods in quantitative finance. In 2011 he formed PeopleHedge Corporation, a web-based company dedicated to transparent pricing for everyone.

Paul Giedraitis

A former electrical engineer in the defense industry, specializing in photonics and semiconductor physics, Paul brings a highly mathematical mind and history of project success to PeopleHedge. Via back-testing and algorithm innovation, Paul is optimizing the pricing used to lock-in your exchange rate, bringing the cost down for everyone.

Kacey Clark

After serving in the U.S. Army and working across a range of different government and business enterprises (including the Marriott, the United Parcel Service, and the Department of Defense), Kacey is now leading the growth of PeopleHedge’s marketing engine. With over six years of experience in process development, supply chain management, and customer service, he brings to PeopleHedge a strong culture of both energy and discipline. By focusing on relationship building and social media engagement, Kacey is working everyday to connect us to both our customer base and the greater technology startup community.